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Our Mission

At Emerald Youth Foundation, our mission is to raise up a large number of urban youth to love Jesus Christ and become effective leaders who help renew their communities.

We’ve been working closely with the community since the late 1980s when we began a summer outreach ministry designed to support urban youth.

Mail checks to:
1014 Heiskell Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37921

Courtney Tilford

Our Mission

The mission of Knoxville Dream Center is to provide good food, authentic faith, and opportunities for a brighter future for those who need it most.

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On-Demand CE Total17.0



Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


This presentation will summarize the past, present and future uses of AI in healthcare while exploring the benefits and negative implications of each use.

1.0 hrs   Evolving Topics

Capturing SDOH Codes


Content will include information on Social Determinants within healthcare and how they can affect patient outcomes as well as the history of SDOH and how we have advanced throughout the years. You will learn, why these are important, how they’re used within healthcare, what a social determinant is, how they’re tracked, why we use this data in healthcare and how these may evolve in the future.

1.0 hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance

CDI Strategies


Hear from our panelists about the current challenges they face and discuss some of the innovations in their hospitals to address them.

1.0 hrs   Revenue Cycle Management  

CMS’s 2022 Shared or Split Services Updates


In this presentation, we’ll do a deep dive into the Medicare split/shared visit changes. Specifically, we’ll cover the previous guidelines and compare them to the 2022/2023 split/shared visit guidelines. We’ll also provide some compliance tips that you can take back and implement at your organization. Lastly, we cover the impact the new guidelines have to employed physician compensation.

1.0 hrs   Revenue Cycle Management  

Compliance Topics that Impact HIM


This presentation will describe the latest trends and hot issues in compliance and describe how these have impacts on health information management.

1.0 hrs   Health Law and Compliance



1.0 hrs   Organizational Management and Leadership   

Life in the HIPAA Trenches


Attendees who attend this presentation will learn about

  • The HIPAA challenges related to the pandemic
  • Best practices for HIPAA compliant remote work-force
  • Mitigating privacy risk

1.0 hrs   Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security

Mitigating Compliance Risks through Information Governance Practices


In this presentation, we will discuss risks, key characteristics, and vulnerabilities that exist without a proper Information Governance (IG) program in place. We will review the short- and long-term impacts of cyberattacks and link IG practices to prevention and mitigation to gain actionable next steps and tools.

1.0 hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance 

OIG Workplan – COVID and Other Audits


  • What the OIG Work Plan is and the projects currently in progress.
  • Next steps that can be taken to ensure compliance with the OIG Work Plan

1.0 hrs   Health Law and Compliance

Pitfalls of Redaction of Health Information


This presentation will provide a brief background of redaction/certification as well as share the suggested path forward as the journey for redaction continues.  The attendee will leave the session with ideas, focus areas, and the identification of pitfalls to avoid.

1.0 hrs   Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security

SDOH Panel Discussion


A panel discussion from stakeholders across the state on the impact of SDOH in their regions/communities.

1.0 hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance

Sepsis – Do the Clinical Criteria Support the Medical Coding Criteria?


The presentation is a research study to identify the accuracy of medical coding of patients with sepsis in medical records. Analysis of the data will be presented on variances between the documentation and medical coding of sepsis with the clinical criteria to support the diagnosis. We hope to provide education to health care providers, medical coders, and researchers about how sepsis codes are assigned and later used for research.

1.0 hrs   Revenue Cycle Management 

Surprise Billing


1.0 hrs   Health Law and Compliance

The Tennessee Heart Health Network/Implementing Patient-Centered Interventions in Primary Care to Improve Cardiovascular Health


Through a grant provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Tennessee Heart Health Network is a partnership of the University of Tennessee Health Science, Center, Qsource, primary care providers, health systems and academic centers. The goal is to facilitate the introduction of new services like health coaching, pharmacist and physician collaboration, and motivational text messaging, proven to help people do better at healthy eating, physical activity, taking essential medications regularly, and stopping smoking. Come join this session to learn how participating practices are improving cardiovascular health and how to access the publicly available toolkits with evidence-based and patient-tested interventions.

1.0 hrs   Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security

Unifying ROI Across the Enterprise: Large Health Systems Leading the Way


This session will address how large health systems are unifying ROI and the path they are taking to achieve this goal. While many health systems have discussed transitioning to a unified approach, COVID-19 demonstrated that it’s past time to accelerate this transition. The session will identify how to build the business case, project planning, pitfalls and lessons and the benefits to an entire health system.

Achieving compliance while improving service and reducing cost is the central challenge for ROI. As this session will underscore, achieving these goals requires a unified approach to ROI across the enterprise, including ambulatory services and affiliated practices.

1.0 hrs   Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security

Virtual HIM Departments: The Good, The Bad and The Sustainable


In the wake of COVID-19, many HIM departments were forced to implement emergency work-from-home operations. What lessons were learned? How did workflows evolve? And what does a permanent and sustainable virtual solution look like in HIM? In this session, speakers offer expert insight on strategic and tactical approaches for HIM departments transitioning from an emergency remote workforce to a more formal, sustainable, virtual program.

1.0 hrs   Organizational Management and Leadership

Why Rigorous Compliance is Critical in ROI – Lessons Learned from OCR CMPS


There have been many OCR settlements of investigations into HIPAA Right of Access violations. What can we learn from these settlements? What can your organization do to avoid an investigation or worse, a civil money penalty? Join Elizabeth Delahoussaye, Ciox’s Chief Privacy Officer for a review of the cases and recommendations for making sure to stay compliant with HIPAA Right of Access.

1.0 hrs   Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security  

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